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Alumina ceramic tube

刚玉陶瓷管 刚玉陶瓷管 刚玉陶瓷管 刚玉陶瓷管

Product Features
1, good wear resistance
Alumina ceramic wear liner tube as corundum ceramics (a-AL2O3), equivalent to 9.0 Mohs hardness up to HRC90 or more. Therefore, metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal and other industries grinding medium transport have high wear resistance. The industrial operation confirmed: its hardened steel wear life is ten times or even several times.
2, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling
Since the steel ceramic layer (a-AL2O3), a neutral character. So with acid and seawater resistant, and also has anti-scaling and other characteristics.
3, heat resistance and thermal performance punch Fou
As the alumina ceramic (a-AL2O3), as a single crystal structure stability. Linear expansion coefficient material 6-8 × 10-6/0C, about the steel pipe about 1/2.

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